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With mounting pressure of local planning authorities to get development moving in their area and release land, new development opportunities are being created in what is called “Garden Grabbing”.

The phrase has been coined to the practice of properties with large back gardens of established properties selling sections of the garden with or without planning permission to developers or self-builders and life changing sums of money can be created from such sales. If you intend to do this maximum value can be gained by obtaining the planning permission yourself which we will be happy to assist with at Hassall Law.

Another advantage due to the nature of high house prices is that it can also create a home for your children to live in saving the cost of buying the land and building out the site which is likely to be less than buying a house on the open market.

Many opportunities like this can also be formed through what is called “land assemblies” that share an equal amount of each households back garden which can result in the potential of a future development site.

Things to consider:

You must own the freehold, conservation areas can present an issue in some instances, if the garden is large enough listed buildings nearby may not create a problem; consider how the site can be accessed once developed (own access or shared driveway), trees (are they protected and will a design need to be drawn around them), the planning authority decides on the permission but they will listen to objectors and supporter if relevant to the process; and consult the neighbourhood and local plans (if available).

If this is something you are considering please do contact us.

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