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Many types of land are currently in demand from densely populated areas to large open fields. Gardens, office buildings and commercial properties are all also desirable as they have potential. If you have any of these properties it is important to take the right advise on what to do next; not just in terms of land potential but the implications to your personal circumstances to mitigate any future tax liabilities from maximising your land value.

All land has potential for any number of prospective uses; from residential to commercial.

It pays to seek advice from all aspects of the transaction not just the land transaction here at Hassall Law we can advise you on the steps to take on maximising your land value to mitigating your tax liabilities, and passing wealth to the next generation. Even if you think your land has no value their maybe people out there that feel it does so contact us to discuss your options.

We will clearly explain the processes evolved to help you achieve the level of planning consent you require to maximise your land value but at the same time protecting your financial position.

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