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Preamble Fraud can damage any business. Usually when it least expects it. Often by the person or in a way you least expect. This Article makes no attempt to compete with the many books and more detailed writings on this subject. However, I have cited cases all of...

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Working with the Proceeds of Crime Act

Preamble  In 1986 Parliament in common with other European nations decided something had to be done over and above fines and imprisonment to deter large scale profiteering from serious crimes such as fraud drug running which is often across boarder. One answer was to...

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Civil Partnerships

Same-sex couples are now able to enter legally binding civil partnerships giving the same benefits as married couples.

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Electronic signatures legally valid?

Electronic signatures are officially declared to be legally valid with The Law Commission of England and Wales confirming that electronic signatures are a valid way of executing documents.

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The Rivermaid is a well known and loved passenger ferry which worked the waters of the Kingsbridge to Salcombe estuary, occasionally further afield, for many years. Much loved by both locals and holiday makers.

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Property Development Talk – Book Now

Joshua Gardner, MSc, LLM, FALA Solicitor at Hassall Law will tomorrow be speaking at this event focusing on The Legal Essentials for Property Developers the idea behind this talk is to give you as a property developer the knowledge needed to understand what your solicitor is saying and to explain all the paperwork you need in place to allow for a smooth sale or purchase.

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Land is in Demand

Many types of land are currently in demand from densely populated areas to large open fields.

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