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Agriculture and Fisheries

The New Starts

Towards the end of 2020 we had offered to us a  “green future” through the new Agriculture Act 2020 making a start of a new legislative framework replacing agricultural support for farmers with a new promise of “public good”, for the environment and animal welfare. All at the same time that as a nation we move out of Europe which creates its own changes in animal welfare, exporting and importing. Coupled with a promised new Environmental Bill which should become law in 2021. With it DEFRA’s hope for a new 25 Year Environmental Recovery Scheme as part of the new Greener Future. It is against that background that Hassall Law provides a complete and modern approach to rural and agricultural business.

The Modern Estate and Agri Business.

Farming has become so much more than Farmer Giles on his tractor or The Wurzels and “I’ve got a brand new combine harvester” Most farms have to be true commercial businesses. Often needing a lawyer in support who understands that.

With a full Fellow of the Agricultural Law Association we have been in the last decade at the forefront of modern agricultural law. From new and workable Contract Farming contracts and systems to Environmental challenges up to Judicial Review and detailed succession planning.

We can offer a truly specialist service in the following services well beyond the odd farm sale or purchase though we are used to those in the following areas;

  • Contract Farming agreements,
  • Company Formation for the Rural Business, with appropriate Shareholders agreement and protection for smaller shareholding or partnerships who prefer that,
  • Environmental Land Law use and defence for prosecution,
  • Judicial Review’s and Public Enquiries,
  • Horticulture,
  • Extending the traditional business from Caravan sites and redevelopment, new Wedding Venues and pod development or Farm Shops,
  • Industrial Sale of Goods contracts and disputes both British and European,
  • Forestry,
  • Farm or Estate Succession planning.

New Fisheries Law.

Simultaneous with the changes in Agriculture and the increased importance of the environment again as a consequence of Brexit we have a new dawn for commercial sea fisheries. In law and application. Fisheries is no longer the poor relation or section of the old Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. In November 2020 the UK introduced its new Fisheries Act as the nation tries to break away from the old community Fisheries Policy. Though it will take a decade at least to achieve.  At a time when in International Law of the Sea nations are moving from Territorial Rights to Paradigms of Shared Oceans as fish have no nationality or retain themselves in just one states jurisdiction.  We understand the industry and its legal and environmental restrictions.

We can offer services which many cannot in;

  • Modern Sea Fisheries Law,
  • Law of Harbours and Docks,
  • Vessel construction sale and purchase,
  • Ships Mortgages,
  • Defence of Maritime Coastguard Agency, Marine Management Agency Prosecutions or IFCAA prosecutions or enquiries,
  • Quota or Licence sales or lease.

All with postgraduate degree specialist maritime law training and the skill which that provides and the security of mind often needed for such work.

Environmental Challenges and Demands

Within both agriculture and fisheries comes increasing care and value of the environment with legal requirements accordingly. Regulatory breach or infringement is increasingly regarded as a breach of “environmental law” and with that criminal prosecution. We have particular experience in protection and environmental defence work both on land and at sea. From the Magistrates Court to the High Court where needed. 

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