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Corporate and Commercial


For those not aware admiralty practice is the law of boats or vessels what happens with them and the International Law of the Sea. The later becoming increasingly an area for International Environmental Law of the Sea as we move as a planet from days and views of empire to a shared planet and Paradigm’s of Common Oceans and spatial management. It is thus a very large area of law and understanding of which few law practices claim expertise in every aspect. Using Hassall Law we have a deep and longstanding knowledge from the days of learning with the late Cad Cadwallader through to the modern day. With a Master of Marine Law within the team we have detailed experience of Ship Construction and `building, Sale and Purchase of vessels, their mortgaging and security, quota and licensing. Accidents at sea and by the Harbour, death and loss of vessel at sea. Whilst we are instructed with small boat issues we have experience and can help with construction contracts together with the things when something goes wrong. Sales of Goods and Misrepresentation claims. Also the regulatory world of the Marine Management Organisation, Maritime Coastguard Agency and issues of Environmental Challenge.

Agri Business

Farming is big business requiring big effort which often needs to be matched with similar effort and understanding provided by the legal team the farmer uses in support. With a Fellow of the Agricultural Law Association leading we offer much more than a small farm sale of purchase though we are happy to provide those services. With a new Agriculture Act to be followed by a new Environmental Act and Brexit we are towards the front of understanding the new law and new business methods. Our work on new long term contract farming arrangements is well understood as is our work on import and export from produce to combine harvesters.


With admiralty and agri business comes construction new methods and new challenges. We have in recent years undertaken some unusual and difficult work punching well above our weight and size.

Companies and Shareholders Rights and Problems

We believe our function is to provide far more than a legal precedent with a few name changes. Our recent company formation planning and in particular shareholders issues is well understood by our client. The aim is to raise and prevent issues before they occur though we do so on the basis that we have made the trips to the Company’s Section of the High Court many times. That knowledge and skill often helps us to spot the potential problem before it happens. Recent work has included new companies, shareholders agreements. For those who prefer Partnerships.

Dispute Resolution

Tends to be the modern choice of words for disputes from mediation to the court system. It is often important for an advising lawyer to have been in a big fight or a big case before to spot the problems and tactics needed. For that we do not take on every type of case for the clients benefit. Most of our dispute resolution involves disputes well over £100k in risk usually a few million. We have had the experience from The High Court to the Old Bailee.


Unwelcome and worrying for both victim or defendant. We have experience of some difficult criminal and civil cases.

Real Estate

Commercial property is important from shop building factory or Harbour. That may involve a freehold or a leasehold sale purchase or lease. The law is in parts very different from the purchase of your home. It may involve forming a separate holding company or holding licences or permissions. From large barns to factories or office builds. These can often be subject to Capital Gains Tax or VAT issues. They may be purchased by a specific company to be set up for that purpose or held by a SIP. Perhaps multiple SIP’s requiring the need for a Trust Deed to operate between them. From sales of part to new site development we can help.


Easy to make a mistake or error. We are recognised for our Fisheries and Environmental defence work. Though we have a particular and clear method of procedure learning from experience within a major London barristers chambers. We can help in many cases though we have strict rules of procedure which we work to. 

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