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Marine Law

Whether on land or at sea marine law and the governance of the marine environment is a specialist area of law in which we are pleased to assist with.

David Hassall has over 35 years of experience and Hassall Law has assisted both the fishing community and the commercial sector both on land and at sea.

Recent successful work has included advising on harbors and mooring rights, advising on harbors and docks, the sale of commercial vessels from sea ferries to fishing vessels. We have assisted in the contract work for brand new commercial vessels and even the export of whole factories overseas.

We are members of the Marine Law Association amongst others and have particular skill in defending cases of difficulty with the following:


  • Sea Fish (Conservation) Act 1967
  • Sea Fishing Order 2009
  • European Common Fisheries Policy
  • Marine and Costal Access Act 2009 and problems and prosecutions
  • Harbour by-laws
  • Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) investigations and prosecutions under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995
  • IFCA defenses and difficulties
  • Contractual disputes involving commercial sales nationally and internationally.
  • Inquests
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