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The New Environmental Land Management Schemes

Jun 30, 2021

As many will be aware we were promised a new Environment Act towards the end of last year. It last returned to the Houses of Parliament in March of this year. Then another wave of covid took attention away from that important piece of legislation. 

Within the similar but combined approach in this post Brexit error already started by the Environment Food and Rural Affairs od (“DEFRA”) department is the 25 year Environmental Plan. That includes the hope as a country we will have net zero emissions by 2050.

Whilst that has challenges for Farmers and rural land owners it should enable them to enter into agreements to be paid for the likes of;

  • Clean and a plentiful water supply,
  • Improved air to breath,
  • New or restored plant or wildlife areas,
  • Reducing or removing environmental hazards,
  • Restoring both heritage and the environment, to mention a few.

Within the aim is “Sustainable Farming Incentives” or a scheme of standards for recovering and protecting hedgerows, grassland, peat bogs and formerly drained land for modern farming better allowed to return to its historic home for wild animals or birds.

There is planned a “Sustainable Farming Incentive Pilot” which should be launched after discussion by 2020.

With Landscape Recovery Schemes an ability not only to allow areas to return to nature or an older method of production. Wilder landscapes, large scale planting, tree cops replacement, peatland protection and renewal and for my area in places a return to the wonderful former salt marches. All if correctly done as paid work.

This is all intended to be part of the 25 year Environmental Plan or “Green Future”  

These aims may involve a new way of farming or as DEFRA might suggest a better way of farming or land use. So it’s consideration should form consideration by each farmer or land owner during the annual business plan.

This is my assessment of the intended changes and may not be yours but I will be asking farming clients to consider the plans and the opportunities they may provide.

If I can help email me.

David Hassall LLM Msc



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